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Islamic Geometric Design course

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Introduction to Islamic Geometric Design - How to illustrate and analyze Geometric patterns using grids method. - Advantages and disadvantages of grids method and When it is preferable to use this method? - Practicing on analyzing and illustrating 10 different designs using grids method. - Making a trip for some historical buildings, as each participant will analyze and reconstruct one of the designs and redesign it on a new product. - Learning how to reuse Islamic Geometric Designs in a modern way to make new designs without breaking traditional rules for Islamic Geometry. - Introduction to Islamic Geometry using polygonal technique. - Knowing the difference between polygonal and grids methods. Practicing on using regular polygons for illustrating Geometrical patterns. During the course each participant will make 3 different projects (2 projects using grids method and the last one using polygonal technique) and redesign these designs on new products.
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