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AltShift Festival 2018

Provided By: Ouishare Egypt

Event Description
AltShift Festival is a three-day Professional Interdisciplinary Event that gathers creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across sectors and countries who want to drive systemic and meaningful change. We invite you to a three-day Multidisciplinary gathering enveloped by artistic performance, sports competition, EduCathon, and an "AltShift Deep Connexions Retreat". The whole, and for the first time in the region, with a Zero Waste policy and Footprint measurements. With the help of a team of +30 persons from 7 countries, we will treat The Platform Thinking as an underlined in different fields such as Education, Health, Mobility, Blockchain, Fintech, Open Organisations, Future of Work, Regenerative City, AgriFood. The whole in one place to ask new questions and work together on the answers. Join us Now!
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Ticket Type Description Price Quantity
Early Bird Ticket
It gives you access to the three days... limited! 350 EGP
OneDay Ticket
It gives you access to ONLY one of the three days. 350 EGP
Group Tickets
Five tickets Minimum to be checked at the entrance. 350 EGP
Student Ticket
Three-day access. Student ID is MANDATORY! 200 EGP
Regular Ticket
Full access ticket. 650 EGP
ALLin Ticket
Late full access ticket. 850 EGP
Deep Connections Retreat
Learn the Platform Design Toolkit in Dahab. 4000 EGP

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