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The Dark Side of The Room with Paranioid Eyes- BY Room Art Space

Room Art Space is pleased to invite you to a Pink Floyd tribute Night with Paranoid Eyes. Paranoid Eyes is an Egyptian progressive rock band that plays Pink Floyd covers, with a great passion for Pink Floyd music, the spiritual atmospheric mood, and state of mind. BAND MEMBERS : WISSAM SULTAN (LEAD GUITAR, VOCALS & BACKING VOCALS) AHMED RADWAN (KEYBOARDS, BACKGROUND SOUND EFFECTS & BACKING VOCAL) RAMY NABIL (RHYTHM GUITAR) WALEED SHABAN (DRUMS & BACKING VOCAL) Habiba Ahmed Anwar ( BASS GUITAR) Know more about Paranoid Eyes here: -Entry at 8:30 PM and the event starts at 9:00 PM رووم بتدعوكم لحضور ليلة جميلة من أغاني بينك فلويد مع فريق "بارانويد آيز

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Paranoid Eyes at Room
105 EGP