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Shahira Wel nas EL Khatera Live at Room- BY Room Art Space

٦ سبتمبر ٢٠١٨ الدخول الساعة ٨ و نص الحفل الساعة ٩ مساء Concert on 6th Sep 2018 Entry 8:30 Concert 9pm An indie music project, that contains a diverse collection of Arabic original songs each with a different taste and genre yet creating a unique collective sound that presents a strong identity, with lyrics that swing from romance to philosophy to social sarcasm, established in October 2016 as an acoustic formation and ongoing now as a full band they participated in a number of gigs and concerts in Cairo, one in Alexandria as well as Radio shows and TV programs, latest festival they participated in was Genaina Theatre Hay festival June 2017, D-CAF 2018, 3alganoob festival and Cairokee Empire. Shahira Kamal: Singer and songwriter Basem Abu Arab : Bass guitar Lowai Gamal: Percussion Hazem Sadek : Keyboards Micheal Yehia : Guitar -Entry at 8:30 pm and the concert starts at 9 pm -Ticket price 50 lE

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تذكرة لحفل شهيرة و الناس الخطيرة بتاريخ ٦ سبتمبر
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