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Supply Chain Conference 2019- BY Light UP

We are honored to invite you to join us at the Supply Chain Conference 2019 focusing on the future challenges facing supply chain transformation. Our goal is to spot the light on the transformable meaning of supply chain and elaborating that it is not just about a specific niche of business sector, it is about a huge network embracing more than one department, activity and service all involved in a cycle to provide a final product to customers. ***Early Bird for one person*** ***Group offer choose your ticket*** Limited Seats and booking closes once seats are filled. For More Info Call US : 01003556886- 01146856405- 01274559701

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Early Bird for one person
Book Your Early bird before 10 March 2019 2000L.E # 2500L.E
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1 Free for every 3 paid registrations 6000 L.E#8000 L.E
6000 EGP
2 Free ticket for 6 paid
2 for every 6 paid registrations 12000 L.E # 16000 L.E
12000 EGP
3 Free ticket for 8 paid
3 for every 8 paid registrations 16000 L.E # 22000 L.E
16000 EGP
4 Free ticket for 10 paid
4 for every 10 paid registrations 20000 L.E # 28000 L.E
20000 EGP

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