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Upon signing this agreement by the coach and the client, the coach will be committed to provide the client with individual coaching services, and will promise the client the following:  The coach will only provide coaching services, which is not advice, therapy, or counselling  All the content of the coaching session is considered strictly confidential, and if the coach would need to disclose the client’s name or email for accreditation purposes, the client have to give the coach a written agreement.  The coach will use all his/her knowledge and expertise to help the client plan and achieve his/her goals.  The coach will always hold the client as a whole, resourceful and capable.  The client’s agenda will always be the agenda for coaching.  The coach will be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests.
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Session- BY Mai Ashour

where they will meet once a week the coaching will start with a discovery session (90 – 120 min), then the weekly session will be 45 – 60 min. The fee for discovery is 350 LE

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