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Strategic Marketing Management - Vol. 6- BY Galaxy Academy

Now you can join our unique workshop, just in 4 days you will digest Marketing Strategies Management Program: 1. Marketing Fundamentals 2. Strategic marketing tactics 3. Managing Marketing Information and marketing research 4. Marketing intelligence 5. Consumer Buyer Behavior 6. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning: STP 7. Branding and brand management 8. Marketing mix new concepts, the old 4P's and the Developmental strategy 7 P's 9. New-Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies 10. Pricing strategy and Approaches 11. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management 12. Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy ( IMC ) 13. Marketing strategies 14. Competition strategies 15. Marketing warfare strategies 16. Word of Mouth Marketing strategies 17. Data analysis and interpretation workshop 18. Marketing Road-mapping 19. Product manager job description 20. Final project and thesis 21. Cases ,Workshops and individual assignments

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